We get that we are stewards of this place that means so much to so many. While most of our guests come year after year and love this place - we don't take this for granted. However, we feel it is important to set expectations ahead of time to make sure POV Resort is the right fit for you!

  1. From time to time unforeseen circumstances arise, and sometimes we need to change plans around here. We aim to make sure if things change on our guests you will receive an equal or upgraded experience as a result. We appreciate your patience with us! 
  2. This is a resort, so there are other folks on site. We feel the amenities of being a resort outweigh being in the middle of nowhere alone. If you ever have challenges with other guests, call us in we're happy to help.
  3. We are a lake resort, not a hotel. We provide towels (for cabins) and linens for everyone (which most resorts don't), but we ask you to strip the beds. Unfortunately we don't have time to clean all the cabin dishes between guests, but we provide bleach and dish soap and ask guests to pay it forward and clean them before they leave. So we're trying to help guests and ask that guests help us in return. Our goal - to make sure the units are so clean even Darren's mom would stay here. And she does! And in case it isn't clear - our glamping guests sleep in nature - it is camping albeit with definite glamping upgrades.
  4. There is no AC - we're so far north its hardly ever needed. We recommend closing windows by day and opening for cool air at night - nearly always does the trick!
  5. We aim to be a family-friendly resort and therefore have a lot of amenities on-site for all ages (including adults - ya'll need to relax too). To be a good fit for families, our 2 and 3 bedroom cabins do have some bunk beds - which aren't the right cup-o-tea for all adults. We also do have quiet hours so groups of all types can enjoy the peace and relaxation of the woods at night.
  6. Our team is working hard to make sure this place is top notch - but if you ever run into an issue let us know right away so we can make it right! We are a mom and pop local biz, and our small core team does our best to get stuff done as quickly as possible. And if you have any ideas on how to improve, let us know and we will add it to the list! 
  7. And last but not least, you are contractually obligated on telling the owners where and how you caught your fish! ;-)


  • 25% down payment is required
  • Another 25% is due 90 days before check in
  • Remaining 50% will be due a few days prior to check in


1. AUTO-PAYMENT: If you do nothing, your original card on file will be charged on the scheduled payment date and you will be emailed a receipt.

2. CHECK: You are always welcome and encouraged to send in a check before the scheduled due date as well - do let us know if you are so that we may keep an eye out for it and disable the auto-payment method mentioned above.

3. ALTERNATE CARD: You may use the link in the email you'll receive to pay with a different card.

Finally, if you add any "add-ons" to your reservation the deposit for those add-on's will be charged at that time with the remainder due upon the payment schedule originally set. If you need to talk through anything prior to booking, please call, text, or email us to touch base.

The cancellation policy you booked with can be found with your confirmation email you received when you paid your deposit. 
We know that plans can go astray. However, we rely primarily on advance reservations and cancellations cannot always be filled. No refunds due to change of plans or early departures. All guests are financially responsible for the entire booking once your reservation has been made. All cancellations must be made within these time frames or you will be charged the additional balance due. The renter agrees that he/she will not claim any charge backs or credits from his/her credit card company for any fees charged to his/her credit card, including but not limited to deposit, rental, or additional damage fees. We will make every effort to find new renters for the unit.

So to be fair to all concerned, our current policy is as follows: 

  • Last Minute Sickness - If you or someone in your party get sick with COVID-19 symptoms close to your stay (up until day of arrival) at POV, we want you and your family to take care of yourselves and quarantine. Family first. For guests that fall ill, you may roll your deposit to a future visit and re-book for a stay(s) to be completed within a year without any penalty. 
  • Cabins - 
    • For High Summer Season cabin reservations, guests who cancel at least 30 days before check-in will get back 100% of the amount they've paid. If you cancel within 30 days before check-in, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit if we manage to re-rent your cabin on the previously reserved dates. 
    • For the remainder of the year, guests who cancel at least 14 days before check-in will get back 100% of the amount they've paid. If you cancel within 14 days before check-in, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit if we manage to re-rent your cabin on the previously reserved dates. 
  • Campsites - For glamping campsite reservations, 75% of paid prepayments are refundable when cancelled 14 days before arrival or earlier. 0% of deposits are refundable if cancelled within the 14 day window. If you cancel within 14 days before check-in, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit if we manage to re-rent your campsite on the previously reserved dates.

We recognize extenuating circumstances occur – if a cancellation occurs within a two week time frame of your stay due to either inclement weather (flood, snowstorm, or bitter cold of ~0 degrees high) or a family emergency you may apply your deposit to a future visit. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

In lieu of a security deposit or a hold on your credit card for a damage deposit, the resort now also requires all guests to have a credit card on file for the event damage is incurred during your stay. Your credit card information is kept confidential and secure and stored in the resort’s secure, online card processing company – Stripe. In the event property is damaged or missing, payments to your card are processed only after post-checkout. For furniture and kitchen items a fee will be assessed based on the extent of the damage. Guests will be notified via email of damage documented.

Situations arise from time to time, and we reserve the right to provide alternate accommodations for any reason that are of equal or greater value to your reservation - if this ever occurs we will provide notification in writing for your records.

Minimum age to rent a cabin is 21 years and the person who books the resort must stay for the entire rental period. Sub-letting or parents renting for their children under age is NOT allowed. Minimum Age required to rent a campsite is 18 years and the person who makes the reservation must stay for the entire rental period.


  • Each additional guest charge - $10/night (All Seasons). 
  • There is a $50.00 per check fee for all returned checks. 

Summer check-in is a firm 3pm and check-out is 9am for cabins and 3pm and 11am for campgrounds unless arranged prior with owners. The remainder of the year it is flexible with coordination with POV ownership. 

Still a firm 3pm at the earliest unless arranged prior with owners. Now, more than ever, we need the time to deep clean each unit prior to check-in. If you arrive earlier you are welcome to utilize the resort’s outdoor facilities. 

  • Pre-Payment of Balance Due: We are asking guests pre-pay their full amount due prior to check in to minimize contact and to maintain social distancing. You will receive a final payment email request two weeks prior to check in with a link to pay the balance due. If you have any challenges with this process do not hesitate to email or call (715-545-3474) us - happy to work with you and help.
  • Cabin/Glamping Unit/Campsite Entry: Once full pre-payment prior to arrival is received, we invite you go straight to your lodging to begin relaxing - check in and resort information will be provided at your cabin or campsite. Check-out procedures remain the same.

Upon departure guests are required to leave the resort in the same general condition as it was when they arrived. Below are checkout procedures:


  • Please make sure you’re settled up for any purchases at the store or outstanding tab items (ie gas) prior to departure - your credit card on file can be used and a receipt emailed if you forget
  • Wash and return all dishes to their appropriate cabinets
  • Empty out the fridge, freezer, and coffee maker
  • Please return all kitchen items to your cabin if you used them in a different cabin
  • If you checked out a Roku or kitchen appliance from the Rec, please return it to the appliance shelf or Rokus to the front desk
  • In the winter, return all thermostats to 55 degrees
  • During the summer, open all windows to air out the unit
  • Remove all trash and recycling from the cabin - there are designated dumpsters for each available on the driveway out of the property
  • Extinguish all fires and cleans trash out of fire ring
  • Lock the unit and return your key in your unit to the hook where you found it by the front door
  • Place all blue towels in the blue laundry bag provided; place all white linen sheets and duvet covers in the white laundry bag provided - leave the mattress protector pad on the bed


  • Remove all trash and recycling from the cabin or campsite, there are designated dumpsters for each available on the driveway out of the property
  • Extinguish all fires and cleans trash out of fire ring
  • For glamping unit guests, leave your key in your unit where you found it
  • Place all sheets and duvet covers in the white laundry bag provided - leave the mattress protector pad on the bed
  • Please close up all windows and doors in case it rains later that day

We are only a dog-friendly resort between the end of August and mid-June(not summer) - in Cabins 1, 3, 10, and 11 during that time frame. We have a $10/day per dog fee; pets must be on a leash outside cabins at all times and crated inside when left alone. NO DOGS are allowed in the campgrounds (keeping sound down) or the beach (for kids).

Aggressive pets are not welcome.

We charge a $10/day fee per pet. This fee does not cover damage caused by your dog.

There is a $50 fee for not cleaning up after your dog (this includes pet hair remaining on furniture post-checkout). ANY damage, including significant hair on furniture or bedding, will be subject to additional charges. Each dog-friendly unit is furnished with cleaning supplies to clean up after them including a vacuum, floor mop, and broom. Sheets to cover the couches and futons are available upon request. If any damages are incurred from dogs’ behavior, owners will be required to pay for them with the credit card on file at the office.

We also ask dog owners to observe the following:

  • No barking
  • All guest dogs must be on a leash at all times and clean up after them
  • Remember your pooper scooper
  • Dogs are not to be left in the cabins alone unless they are confined in an indoor dog kennel
  • Dogs are not to be tied to trees or to the cabin
  • No more than TWO dogs allowed per cabin, unless permission is granted at time of reservation
  • Dogs are not allowed in the rec room, on boats, on the playground or the beach at any time
  • Sorry, we do not allow cats

We cater to families and strive to provide an upscale family vacation rental experience. Renters agree to abide by our resort rules that are provided to you upon arrival.

Maximum Occupancy: The number of persons occupying your shall not exceed the number stated on your reservation. If additional persons are added after your reservation is secured you MUST inform us upon arrival and charges will be added as necessary. Guests may be subject to cancellation/penalties if numbers exceed confirmed occupants listed. This is a violation of the rental agreement.

Bunk Bed Room Capacity: Due to current occupancy and airspace state health regulations (WI ATCP 72.14), only three adults are allowed to sleep in the bedrooms with two sets of bunk beds. This applies to every unit with bunk beds within the resort. However, bedrooms with two bunk beds are sized to sleep four children under the age of 12 or have two children and one adult sleep safely.

Winter Advisory: The resort does its best to keep the grounds maintained during winter months. However, it does snow quite a bit and a plow service is not always available at a moment’s notice. We recommend guests recognize weather conditions are outside of our control and to drive vehicles with good tires (not bald) as well as vehicles with all-wheel or 4-wheel drive. If contractors (ie for plowing) need to be hired to help with guest vehicles with inadequate tires, etc., the charges will be incurred by the guest.

Watercraft: All non-motorized watercraft on the lake (canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, paddle boats) are available for guests to use for free at their own risk. Per state regulations guests are to wear life jackets, which are provided also at no-charge in the benches down at the beach. Guests are asked to return all watercraft to the staging area of the rack after use.

Boat Slip: One boat slip is provided per cabin as a part of the rental fee. Additional boat slips are available for a $10 daily fee on a first-come-first-serve reservation basis. Docks are available (installed and removed) as weather and staff time permits between approximately early May to late October. 

Use of Grounds: All guests use the grounds and amenities at your own risk. This includes the beach and swimming area, which is un-guarded.

Visitor Policy: Visitors are welcome between 8am and 6pm. Every guest of POV Resort may have one visitor, but they must register upon arrival at the office. If visitors do not follow the guidelines of the resort they may be asked to leave.

Quiet Hours: Resort quiet hour is from 10:00pm to 8:00am. This means no loud noises after 10pm. All music must be completely turned off.

Alcohol: Alcohol consumption on the property is allowed with moderation only. We are a family oriented, peaceful resort, catering to those that want an enjoyable vacation experience.

Smoking: There is no smoking allowed in any cabins of ANY kind. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas on the property, and we kindly ask that all cigarette butts are disposed of in the trash.

Fish Cleaning: There is no fishing cleaning allowed within any of the cabins. Fish are to be disposed at the fish cleaning station – see instructions.

Snowmobiles, UTVs, ATVs: Snowmobiles, UTVs, and ATVs are welcome on the property as long as they drive on designated driveways and paths. They are to be parked in designated areas to both protect the grounds as well as the septic system. There is a 5mph speed limit on the grounds. 

Trailers: Trailers are also welcome to the property and may be parked in designated parking areas.

Towels: In an effort to make the resort as easy and as inclusive as possible for guests (so less packing!) resort owners provide kitchen and bath linens and towels for INDOOR use only for cabin guests. They are not to be brought outside or to the beach.

Phones: We are located in the woods and your cell phone may not work at our resort (although we do get good ATT and Verizon service here).

WIFI: We do have high-speed wifi available in the main area of the resort grounds around the cabins. That being said, the resort is about relaxing and enjoying the Northwoods - so some IP addresses and websites may not be available. The password is posted in each cabin, the Lodge Room, and at various other locations around the resort.

Campfires and Firewood: All firewood must be purchased on-site to ensure firewood is not contaminated with pests or diseases. We enforce all local burn bans. Please do not cut down any trees or limbs - we are trying to preserve the national forest. All our cabins and campsites have fire rings and there is firewood for sale (self-serve) at our store at the gray rec building. Each week-long cabin rental receives a complimentary bundle of firewood upon check-in.

This property is privately owned. The renter accepts renting privileges with the understanding the he/she does hereby release Coadys’ Point of View Lake Resort (Coadys Point of View LLC), its officers and employees of all liability for loss or damage to property and injury against claims resulting from loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the registered renters arising out of the use of resort facilities.